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PCBA, PCB Assembly FAQ In Kingle

1.  What service can you provide ?

We offer EMS services including PCB Design, PCB Prototype,PCB Fabrication, PCB  Assembly, PCBA, Electronic Mechannical Assembly, Box-built&Cable Assembly, Functional Tests.         


2. How many yeas experience do you have ?   

Kingle is an PCB&PCBA providers for global partener nearly 9 years.   


3. Can you provide PCBA prototype for small order ?

Yes, we can. Kingle don't have minimum order quantity. we welcome your small prototype order.


4. What type of PCB can you provide ?

We can offer you single&double sided PCB, Mutilayer PCB, HDI PCB, led Aluminum PCB, Flexible PCB, and Rigid-Flex PCB etc...


5. What files do you need for PCB assembly?

Gerber files of the PCB Board,  BOM(Bill of material) for assembly, programming files, Testing method and Schematic if necessary.


6. What's your lead time ?

Lead time is according to your PCB Layers and how many components need to assembly. After received your inquiry, We will give a accurate shipping time.

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